We partner with government agencies to facilitate the procurement of numerous government requirements on their behalf—from environment technologies and equipment, air, land, and water transportation, information and technology infrastructure, software, and hardware, defense equipment and supplies, to infrastructure development, among others– following Republic Act (RA) 9184 or the Philippines’ Procurement Law.

Our services include the following:

-As a procurement agent, we:

  • Conduct market research for each procurement project
  • Publish invitation to bid
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Conduct pre procurement, pre bid, bid opening and post qualification activities
  • Implement project/contract and monitor deliveries (Liquidated damages for delayed deliveries to accrue to the client-agency)
  • Pre-deliver and/or on-delivery inspect procured items
  • Coordinate after sales services
  • Manage project funds
  • Advise and assist in legal concerns for procurements endorsed to PITC
  • Maximize each procurement or purchase made through PITC by integrating Countertrade via foreign investment, technology transfer, research and development, training and skills upgrade, donation, etc.

 -As a supplier on record, we:

  • are authorized under our Revised Charter to sell and market goods on behalf of private entities/firms) to government agencies for their procurement needs.

Government agencies outsourcing their procurements through PITC experience the following benefits:

  • Ease
  • Expertise
  • Efficiency and value added services
  • Economy
  • Speed

Contact Information

Myra Chitella T. Alvarez
OIC-Vice President
Procurement Outsourcing Services Group
Direct Line: (+632) 8818-9801 loc 425
Email: myra-chitella@pitc.gov.ph

Government Procurement

Rhoneil O. Bautista
OIC-Division Chief
Direct Line: (+632) 8818-9801 loc 368
Email: rhoneil@pitc.gov.ph

Military Procurement

Manuel O. Elima
OIC-Division Chief
Direct Line: (+632) 8818-9801 loc 427
Email: moe3@pitc.gov.ph