The Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) is a State Trading Company established in July 21, 1973 through Presidential Decree (PD) 252 to pioneer in establishing Philippine trade with the Socialist and Other Centrally Planned Economy Countries (SOCPEC). With an accumulated capitalization of P300,000,000.00 it opened the gates of the global market and engaged the country in international commercial activities that seek to ultimately benefit our domestic industries and local consumers. In January 25, 1977, the PITC was given a broader mandate to be the prime mover in the expansion of Philippine trade worldwide through PD 1071. It has since embarked on various innovative trading activities by implementing facilitative trade-related services and responsive business solutions.

For forty (40) years, the PITC has proven its competency, and thus, gained a vast portfolio of expertise in export consolidation, special trading arrangements, importation and marketing of a wide range of products and services, outsourcing, supply chain management, logistics solutions, and procurement services.



Forty Years of Trade and Innovation with PITC
(excerpts from an article commemorating PITC's 40th anniversary)





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