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Undersecretary/President and Chief Executive Officer



Undersecretary Emmie Liza "Doc Molly" Perez Chiong upholds her expertise in trading industry by offering innovation on how to sustain strong partnership with different conglomerates leading to the viable and premium quality trade services for global competitiveness.

Undersecretary Chiong has a profound understanding of international strategic, commercial and other environmental issues related to trading industry. She gained an extensive experience as businesswoman as she served as a consultant and later became the Vice President for Operations of Coto Grande Corp.

She has been committed in developing and maintaining a strong negotiation with investors and other key stakeholders and has ensured that their views are considered during Board discussions and decision-making. She has also demonstrated a strong commitment to guarantee that the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and compliance are maintained.

Serving the Philippine Government is not a new field for her. She worked as a Consultant and Legislative Researcher of Hon. Florida Robes and appointed as Chief-of-Staff of Hon. Arturo B. Robes during the 16th Congress. Usec. Emmie Liza Chiong is a Doctor of Dental Medicine by Profession and she is active in different Medical and Dental Missions and other Socio – Civic Works.

An honor student and also a graduate of BS in Communication Research at University of the Philippines – Diliman in 1994. She also practiced what she has learned in Harvard School of Management and in Yale University.




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